Day 15: Montreal, QC

I LOVE THIS CITY! I am so, so sad that we have to leave Montreal, and Canada tomorrow, but there are only a few more nights left of the tour and we’re heading back to the USA to spend them in Boston.

Today was a ‘free’ day in Montreal, and I decided that there was no better way to start my ‘free’ Sunday morning with a three hour bike tour of the city. Despite my sore bum, I am so glad I decided to do this tour, it was the greatest introduction to this beautiful, safe, clean city that I can definitely see myself returning to.

Montreal Skyline from the Old Port

We started the tour at the old port, and spent three and a half hours weaving our way through the city on their excellent network of bike paths! The roads were very ‘bike friendly’, and once I got used to riding a back again it was a breeze.

St Catherine St

Montreal Street Art

The city is beautiful, and they use every available space to keep it that way, the street art is in a league of its own.

Mount Réal from the bottom

McGill University

McGill University

I’m so glad to have spent the morning exploring the city like this, but it has only opened up a thousand more things to explore when I next return in the future.

In the mean time, Boston awaits! Having a fabulous time, missing you all though!

Until next time,
Amy xx

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